Alicia McNamara

Fashion Expert

“Alicia is the epitome of celebrity style having spent years in the ever-changing world of wardrobe where she worked on many high-profile television series including NBC’s Covert Affairs.

While studying Political Science, History and Fine Art History at the University of Toronto, Alicia maintained her craft and passion for fashion design. As a self-taught seamstress and pattern maker, her early pursuits morphed into the creation of highly stylized evening and bridal wear for private clients. After completing her Bachelors in Education and Masters in Teaching, Alicia decided to pursue a career in fashion exclusively.

Describing her style range from classic to Hot Fire. Alicia is known for her red carpet moments. She believes that every woman should feel confident in their clothes, and put their best foot forward.

Taking inspiration from twenty-somethings to contemporary ladies, Alicia scours every corner of the 6ix and beyond to source, assemble, and create a vision that is as unique as it is stylish.”

Photo Credit: Ryan Emberley

The Radical and Reserved

Believe it or not, the expression “looking like you got dressed in the dark” is now a desired aesthetic. Designers Michael Kors, Versace, Roberto Cavalli, and the like, are clashing bold, distracting prints with little, if not zero regard for what “goes” with what. Plaids with florals, polka dots, and herringbone; layer up. If you […]