Krista DeVries

Krista DeVries is a writer, storyteller, and communications professional currently located in London, Ontario. Krista holds a Broadcast Journalism Diploma from and a post-graduate certificate in Corporate Communications. She has spent the majority of her career as a communication professional and has contributed to various local and system-level improvement projects over the last 7 years. Krista loves connecting people, places, and experiences through the power of storytelling and is incredibly honoured to channel that passion into her work as Assistant Editor and contributor for MarQuee Magazine. When she’s not writing or telling stories, Krista is researching the latest wellness trends, and traveling the world with her husband.

Krista DeVries

Luxury Sustainable Living – The Power of Green Electricity

The word sustainability often brings to mind topics like climate change, energy, food production, water scarcity, and biodiversity – to name a few of the heavy hitters. But what does sustainable living mean for us on a more micro-level? Do we consider sustainability when it comes to making decisions about things seemingly as granular as […]

Fairmont Royal York: Celebrating 90 years of Excellence

What does celebrating 90 years of excellence in hospitality look like? For the Fairmont Royal York, one of Canada’s most revered and cherished hotels, it’s the unveiling of a complete transformation of the iconic space. The historic hotel sits proudly on Front Street, prime real estate in what is now considered “Old Toronto.” When the […]

Two Sisters Vineyards

A World-Class Winery Experience Steeped in Tradition and Innovation An extension of the Marotta family home in Niagara-on-the-Lake, and a true labor of love, Two Sisters Vineyards offers an elevated world-class winery experience that enlivens all the senses. An air of European romance, architectural appeal, and premium Ontario wines paired with a rich culinary experience […]

Royal Botanical Gardens – Canada’s Ecological Jewel

If you stand atop the Lilac Dell at the Arboretum in June – and there’s just the right breeze, the scent of over 745 lilacs will welcome you into the sweetest aromatic experience. According to Jessica Veter, a volunteer and long-standing member of Royal Botanical Gardens (RBG), this is just one of the many captivating […]

Editorial Feature: Sangita Patel

Captivating and inspiring both on and off camera, media personality Sangita Patel is making her way into Canada’s hearts and homes. Start thinking about powerhouse personalities in Canadian entertainment and Toronto native Sangita Patel is sure to top the list. Often referred to as one of Canada’s most engaging media personalities, it’s easy to assume […]