Miranada Malisani

Health & Wellness

is a Holistic Nutritionist, TV Personality and mom of two. Her down-to-earth attitude, authentic passion and ability to simplify health information has made her a renowned professional in the field. Miranda has appeared on numerous radio shows and TV programs including her role as Resident Nutrition Expert on The Marilyn Denis Show on CTV for 9 seasons.

Miranda has consulted for celebrities, athletes, executives and multinational corporations. She is currently the Spokesperson and Director of Health & Wellness for Nature’s Emporium, Host of the web series Make it! With Hamilton Beach and Nutrition Expert for MarQuee Magazine. She was recently chosen as one of the Top 100 Canadian Health Influencers in 2019.

Social: www.mirandamalisani.com

IG: @mirandamalisani

Twitter: @mirandamalisani

Facebook: facebook.com/nutritionistmir

Healthy Eating On The Go

In the daily effort to find a work-life balance, decisions that are health conscious can often take a back seat. Work commitments and family obligations often fill up the entire day, leaving little room for directing energy back into the body to maintain vitality and overall wellness, and it is not uncommon for a self-motivated […]

Nourishing Friendships

There are many layers and nuances to living a healthy and vibrant life. Healthy body-loving foods are certainly high up on the list of must-haves, but having a friend, or group of friends, who lift your spirit, charges up your energy, and keeps you accountable to your health is equally as important on your path […]

Summer Commitments

We tend to think of summer as the season of R&R where we get a much needed break from our busy schedules. In reality, however, many of your weekends are likely booked before the summer even begins. This causes our weekdays to become even busier with less downtime to recover. With more social gatherings, backyard […]