Bison In Rustic Bread Crust



Slice it on the slicer at thickness 3.5, getting slices 21×12 cm in size

300g chicken breast
105g guanciale
3g salt

Chicken and guanciale pate 
• Cut the chicken breast and the guanciale in pieces, season them with the salt
• Put all the meat pieces inside a grinder
• Grind two times with a fine grind setting
• Refrigerate once complete

Fresh Swiss chard bunch

Swiss chard
• Remove the central white part from the Swiss chard leaves
• Blanche them inside boiling salted water for maximum five seconds
• Put everything in an ice bath
• Stretch the leaves on paper towels to dry

Fresh mozzarella cheese

Local buffalo mozzarella
Slice the fresh mozzarella thin (approx. 3 mm)

Bison tenderloin
• Clean the bison tenderloin from the silver skin
• Cut in 7 cm long pieces
• Get from each piece as many cylinders as possible with a diameter of 5 cm
• Lightly sear each cylinder in extra-virgin olive oil
• Let it rest

Create the roll

• Place a piece of plastic wrap on the working table, longer than the bread slice
• Place the bread slice on it
• Spread a thin layer of patè on the bread until completely covered
• Stretch a layer of blanched Swiss chard on top of the patè , leaving 1 inch space on the length
• On top of the Swiss chard, spread a layer of mozzarella slices
• Properly put salt on the seared bison cylinder, and place it on the mozzarella
• Helped by the plastic wrap, tightly roll the bison together with all the other ingredients
• Let it rest inside the fridge for at least two hours before using it



1 bottle tomato Passata
1 garlic clove

300 g reduced tomato sauce
90g tapioca
8g tabasco
1g lemon juice
3g sugar
5g salt

San Marzano Tomato sauce
• Reduce the tomato sauce with the garlic clove to half
• Remove the garlic and chill
• Place all the ingredients inside the blender
• Blend them quickly at high speed

1 litre water
300g tapioca pearls

• Place in the blender on high at 90°C for 45 minutes until it is a smooth, clear gel
• Cover with plastic to eliminate skin
• Chill and never freeze

80g small pickles
10g anchovies
30g parsley
20g extra virgin olive oil
5 g unsalted capers
50g tapioca
5g salt
5g rice vinegar
5g red wine vinegar
20g white sugar

Green sauce
• Place all the ingredients together inside the blender
• Blend together at high speed until you get a smooth sauce

For Service
• Remove the plastic wrap from the rolls
• Deep fry the rolls at 180°C for one minute and let them rest at room temperature
• Bake at 185°C for eight minutes
• Take out of the oven, cover with tin foil, let rest for 5 minutes
• Pair both sides and cut in two pieces 

Chef Saverio Macri
Chef Saverio Macri