Editorial Feature: Sangita Patel

Captivating and inspiring both on and off camera, media personality Sangita Patel is making her way into Canada’s hearts and homes.

Start thinking about powerhouse personalities in Canadian entertainment and Toronto native Sangita Patel is sure to top the list. Often referred to as one of Canada’s most engaging media personalities, it’s easy to assume that the charismatic ET Canada Reporter and HGTV stumbled upon her television career effortlessly. But talk to Patel, and she’ll tell you that’s not exactly the case.

Patel describes her path to fame as unique. After considering both journalism and engineering as potential career choices, she pursued what she believed was the most logical choice. “I chose an engineering degree because it offered the promise of a stable career,” Patel explains. While engineering appealed to her logic, the desire to learn from others and tell stories is what drove her to pursue a career in television after working in engineering for several years. Patel sought out various volunteer positions in the broadcast industry which led to a position as the weekend weather anchor for City News. This opportunity was the catalyst for her soon-to-be wildly successful career in Canadian television and eventually landed her a position on Entertainment Tonight Canada.

Patel’s success hasn’t come without challenges. “When I entered the business, I didn’t think of myself as a woman of colour or a minority,” she explains. But Patel quickly became aware that she didn’t quite fit the typical mold and recalls not being provided opportunities because of her background. Now, she’s embracing her voice as a South Asian Canadian woman and acts as a role model for young girls, – a responsibility she says she takes very seriously.

When she’s not dishing the latest entertainment news to households across Canada, rubbing elbows with celebrity A-listers, or hosting HGTV’s Home to Win, the social media maven and mother of two celebrates her love of fitness by sharing workout routines with her dedicated social media following. For Patel, it’s about motivating and inspiring others, not about losing weight. After the loss of her second child, exercise became an outlet and provided Patel with peace of mind. “Fitness has been my saviour,” she shares. “It’s about having a healthy body and healthy mind, not just for me, but for my kids and my family.”

Take a second glance at Patel’s social media feed and you’ll quickly spot her love for family and appetite for fashion. She’s passionate about supporting Canadian designers and has donned looks from some of the most well-known brands in Canada. Whether it’s a luxury gown on the red carpet or an in-studio look, Patel’s love for fashion is palpable and she enjoys sharing her favourite looks on social media. She also notes that connecting with her followers in a meaningful way is important. “I try to respond to everyone who sends me comments.”

There’s no denying that Patel’s effortless smile and contagious positivity is captivating, but equally impressive is her penchant for helping others. Patel supports and advocates for a number of worthy social justice initiatives, ONE Campaign and War Child to name a few, and she passionately believes in helping people around the world gain access to education, which she says is the key to changing everything. Giving back isn’t optional for Patel, and her message to others is simple, “When you have an opportunity to give back, do it.”

So, what’s next for Sangita Patel? “Keep watching my journey on Instagram,” she says. “I think 2019 is going to be an exciting year.”

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