Editor’s Note

Cristina Caprio - Editor in Chief - MarQuee MagazineWhen we hear luxury, it is typically synonymous with words like comfort, extravagance, lavish, exclusiveness and high quality. But luxury has many different meanings, and each person’s individual definition is unique. Perhaps to you, luxury is indulging in a glass of your favorite wine at the end of a long day, or that feeling when you’re wearing a new piece from the latest collection of a top designer. For some, luxury is more authentic and not defined by how expensive things are, but measured in experiences like exploring new places with loved ones, discovering new cultures and cuisines, or re-designing a living space for functionality and style. At MarQuee Magazine, our goal is to redefine luxury and provide content that resonates with all types of readers. Whether you are already living your dreams or working towards a unique and personal lifestyle you want to achieve for yourself, I hope that you find inspiration in the pages of our summer edition.

The process from conception to creation of each issue of MarQuee Magazine an exciting journey filled with anticipation. Who will we feature on the cover? What new partnerships will emerge? What new enticing content can we provide our readers? The process never gets old, and each issue is carefully curated to offer readers a unique experience. From food, drinks, travel, fashion and more, we only want to produce the best content that will excite and inspire our readers.

The last several months have been incredibly transformative for MarQuee Magazine. We kicked off the beginning of the year with a launch party in collaboration with Mercedes-Benz Burlington and Toronto Fashion Academy. Guests experienced an electrifying fashion show featuring new collections from some of the top designers in Canada; we presented signature cocktails from world-renowned mixologists, and guests enjoyed an unforgettable culinary experience from some of the top caterers and restaurants in Toronto! It was truly an affair to remember. If you missed the event and want to get a taste of the experience, there’s a recap video our website, www.marqueemagazine.ca. If you’re not already following along on our social media accounts, I encourage you to do so. It’s a great way to get the insider scoop and see what we’re up to. We have some exciting events coming up that you won’t want to miss!

I’m also exceptionally proud to announce that after a successful nationwide launch with Chapters Indigo, we have expanded distribution into the United States. Starting this summer, you can pick up a copy of MarQuee Magazine from select Barnes and Noble locations. The summer issue is a particularly special one for us as we introduce some of our newest contributors. They are individuals who have made an incredible mark in their respective fields, and will be providing our readers with exclusive content each issue. We are so excited to welcome this talented group of contributors, and encourage you to get better acquainted with them by visiting our website.

I am grateful to be sharing this journey with you all and hope you enjoy the summer issue of MarQuee Magazine.