Luxury Sustainable Living – The Power of Green Electricity

Grohe and DVX Special Features article in Marquee Magazine

The word sustainability often brings to mind topics like climate change, energy, food production, water scarcity, and biodiversity – to name a few of the heavy hitters. But what does sustainable living mean for us on a more micro-level? Do we consider sustainability when it comes to making decisions about things seemingly as granular as the bath or kitchen fixtures in our homes? The answer, for some, is yes – their choices matter. A 2018 survey of over 1,000 consumers in the USA and UK suggests that 96 % of people believe their actions make a big difference.

This information is proverbial music to the ears of companies like GROHE, a leading global brand in bathroom solutions and kitchen fittings. Sustainability has been an essential element of GROHE’s corporate strategy for almost 20 years. To become the first leading manufacturer of the sanitary industry to achieve carbon-neutral production by 2020, all five production plants worldwide were converted to run on green electricity as part of the “GROHE goes ZERO” initiative.

For GROHE, sustainability also means responsibility – responsibility towards people and the environment. The various aspects of this responsibility range from energy-saving technologies and production processes to resource efficiency, customer services, and societal responsibility.

For homeowners interested in making purchases for their homes with sustainability in mind – without compromising on function, design, or quality, GROHE offers the perfect solution. Take their new Atrio bathroom collection, for example. Each carefully crafted item is available in various finishes and size options to meet the demands of personal taste and caters to a variety of different design schemes

Grohe and DVX Special Features article in Marquee Magazine

Grohe and DVX Special Features article in Marquee Magazine

GROHE believes that the most influential trends are built to last, and the new collection is defined both by its purity and quality. Entirely at home in a minimalist setting, the outline of the new Atrio range is breathtaking in its simplicity, presenting a forward-looking aesthetic ideal for a cosmopolitan bathroom scheme. Based on the most simple, elegant geometric form – the circle – Atrio fixtures are a natural choice for consumers and will look immaculate and relevant for decades. 

With companies like GROHE offering high-quality options, why isn’t everyone using their buying power to move the sustainability agenda? Perhaps it’s because there is still work needed in education and awareness, and inevitably top-notch products come at a higher price point. On top of that, consumers simply may not be aware of where their products come from, or they want to consider sustainability as part of the equation but don’t know-how. When it comes to fixtures for the home, part of the problem may be that sustainability simply isn’t part of the conversation yet, and products aren’t widely available. At least for now, the responsibility seems to be on the consumer to seek out brands that support their values.

Grohe and DVX Special Features article in Marquee Magazine

Another company that brings sustainability to the forefront is DXV. Paying tribute to the past and celebrating the present, DXV offers exceptional bathroom and kitchen collections that reimagine the most influential and beautiful design movements of the past 150 years.

A brand built on the pillars of timeless design, meticulous craftsmanship, and personal expression, DXV collections reinterpret the pivotal design eras of classic, golden, modern, and contemporary, fusing design with innovation and modern sensibility. The result – truly inspired designs that elevate the experience of everyday living.

Have you ever considered how something as seemingly unsophisticated as a toilet can be designed with both sustainability and luxury in mind? DXV has, with its AT200® SpaLet® Bidet combining state-of-the-art technology and elegant design for a luxurious bathroom experience with several benefits. The integrated bidet toilet features vitreous china, compact elongated bowl with a full skirt, and low height design. It also features a variety of automated, easily adjustable functions to cultivate a relaxing personal hygiene routine, ensuring the user a fresh, out-of-the-shower feeling.

Grohe and DVX Special Features article in Marquee Magazine

The hygienic bidet seat includes an aerated feminine wash and aerated posterior wash with dual adjustable self-cleaning nozzles for independent cleansing. Fully customizable, the temperature and water control settings include six pressure levels and six temperature levels, including massage and oscillation. The warm air dryer offers four temperature settings for ultimate comfort, and the heated toilet seat includes six adjustable temperature settings. Doesn’t sound too bad, does it?

 The advanced features harness the power of technology to keep the bathroom smelling fresh all the time while maintaining air circulation in the room. The air circulation with blue light uses Plasmacluster technology to continually clean the air in the bowl when the lid is closed. The room refresh deodorizer uses that same technology to clean the air around the toilet, while the air shield deodorizer uses air currents and active carbon to shield and neutralize the odor in the bowl producing fresh air. Its power stream flush uses double vortex flushing power with a siphon jet to powerfully blast away residue.

 With all its impressive features, it’s no wonder the Bidet recently won the 2019 Green Good Design Awards, an international award recognizing products that have forwarded exceptional thinking and inspired considerable progress toward a healthier and sustainable universe.

No matter the purchase, isn’t it more gratifying to buy a product for your home that you know is contributing to the health of the planet? It may be difficult to see the buying power in a choice as simple as a bathroom faucet or toilet, but assuredly every decision matters. And, when you’re getting premium, high-quality products designed by companies who care, doesn’t that feel even better?

Grohe and DVX Special Features article in Marquee Magazine