Top Celebrity Summer Workouts are a HITT

With the onset of warmer weather comes the drive to shed a few pounds, lean out and get ready to put away the figure camouflage of bulky sweaters and down parkas. Hollywood trends can greatly influence our approach to health and fitness, but do they work for everyone? If you are not inspired by your exercise regimen, you will ultimately lose the motivation to continue. Although not all celebrity workout routines will be sustainable for everyone, there are common trends that not only work, but can also provide a great source of fitness inspiration.

Some of the hottest trends with demonstrated longevity can range from boxing, HIIT (high intensity interval training), yoga, and spinning. Group training has gained so much momentum that it seems unstoppable, with studios of all types emerging in succession. The social aspect, the added level of accountability, and in many cases the competitive environment, can have a positive impact on program adherence, and overall results.

Research such as that found in the study of exercise on body fat and metabolism by Tremblay A, et al supports that the high intensity interval approach found in HIIT can yield great results when it comes to body fat loss and conditioning. It’s no wonder why this trend is very popular among celebrities. HIIT workouts are designed to have you work at a high intensity for short bursts, combined with periods of lower intensity. Often this is incorporated into workouts such as hill sprints or spin intervals. There are benefits to taking this same approach with your weight training in the form of high intensity circuit training. Not only is this more time efficient than a traditional gym workout, but it can also have a greater impact on your metabolism. By minimizing rest between exercises, this approach can reduce your workout time by half while promoting an elevated metabolism for several hours post-workout. Repeat this throughout a series of weeks and you’ll notice the difference in your overall caloric expenditure and body composition; all the while you are becoming stronger, faster and improving your cardiovascular endurance. Incorporating full body, multi-joint movements that require your entire body to work as a unit can benefit muscular balance, core and joint strength, while demanding more from your body’s systems. Depending on your experience, it’s recommended that you start where you are comfortable and ensure that you learn the basic mechanics before progressing further. Hiring a personal trainer for a few sessions can prove very valuable in establishing good technique, promoting a strong foundation, and enabling you to progress to more complex movements while decreasing risk of injury.

While working toward your summer fitness goals, try incorporating HIIT into your weekly routine. Complete 3 rounds of this 5-exercise, HIIT-inspired circuit geared towards promoting strength, speed, and endurance.

HITT the weights circuit
It is recommended that you consult with your doctor before engaging in any exercise program. If you currently have any joint or back injuries or lack experience with exercise, it is not recommended that you attempt this workout without seeking the guidance of a physiotherapist or personal trainer.

• Start with feet slightly wider than shoulder width, gripping the bar wider than knees.
• Don’t start too heavy. Use an amount of weight that you can comfortably lift while maintaining good form. Approximately 65lbs for women and 95lbs for men.
• Engage core, lats and hamstrings, keeping the spine straight and shoulders back
• Drive through your heels to the top of the movement as you contract your glutes
• Return slowly back to starting position while maintaining form
• Repeat for 15 reps

Box Jump
• Feet shoulder width apart and knees bent, swing arms while jumping up onto box
• Land on box while absorbing body weight through the mid-foot
• Jump or walk off to starting position
• Repeat for 30 – 60 seconds

Single Arm Dumbbell Split-Snatch
• Start in dead-lift position holding dumbbell in your left hand. Use a weight that allows you can complete the set with good form. Approximately 15lbs for women and 25lbs for men is a good starting point.
• With core tight and spine straight, quickly drive out of position while splitting feet so the right foot goes forward
• Lift dumbbell simultaneously with bent elbow
• Land by absorbing body weight through front heel while simultaneously pushing dumbbell up so that arm is in locked out position
• Repeat for 15 reps then switch sides

Single Arm Balance Row
• Dumbbell in one hand and opposite foot on ground
• Keep spine straight and core engaged while pulling dumbbell to rib cage
• Slowly lower back down to starting position
• Repeat for 15 reps then switch sides

Plank Walkout
• Start in hand plank position with core engaged and chest directly above hands.
• Walk out one hand at time to a distance where you can still maintain neutral spine position.
• Repeat for 30 – 60 seconds