Two Sisters Vineyards

A World-Class Winery Experience Steeped in Tradition and Innovation

An extension of the Marotta family home in Niagara-on-the-Lake, and a true labor of love, Two Sisters Vineyards offers an elevated world-class winery experience that enlivens all the senses. An air of European romance, architectural appeal, and premium Ontario wines paired with a rich culinary experience transports guests to another corner of the world.

Located in one of Ontario’s most concentrated wine regions, the vineyard sits at the northern tip of the Niagara Peninsula in the Niagara River sub-appellation. Fully owned and operated by the Marotta family, the inner workings of the winery are primarily run by Angela Marotta and Melissa Paolicelli – the namesakes of Two Sisters Vineyards.

Angela Marotta & Melissa Paolicelli
Angela Marotta & Melissa Paolicelli

When the winery officially opened its doors in 2014, it was the realization of a dream planted in their father’s heart many years ago. Benny Marotta, advisor and visionary behind the vineyard, left Italy and came to Canada as a young artisanal stonemason with a love for winemaking. His hard work and dedication, centered on family values, allowed him to cultivate deep roots in Canada while holding on closely to cherished traditions from his homeland. Now, over a decade later, those values have been intricately woven into the fabric of Two Sister Vineyards, a reflection of the family’s bold pursuit of excellence, innovation, and tradition.

Though they are relatively new to the scene, Two Sisters has made a mark on Niagara’s dynamic food and wine landscape with their premium wines and authentic guest experience. In 2018, they were awarded Best Performing Small Winery in Canada by WineAlign’s National Wine Awards of Canada, contributing to the growing movement of showcasing premium wines coming out of the country. “We came into this industry without previous experience in hospitality or retail,” Angela, the winery’s Chief Executive Officer, points out. “Being recognized for everything we have sought to do as a team is extremely fulfilling and gratifying, and it’s given us the confidence to seek growth opportunities in our industry.”

Adam Pearce, the vineyard’s winemaker, has been with the team for the past seven years. After spending several years developing his craft at leading wineries both in Canada and abroad, he took charge of the cellars at Two Sisters. He specializes in ultra-premium, complex, red Bordeaux varieties from the warm Niagara River sub-appellation, as well as elegant whites sourced from leading vineyards in the cooler, mineral-rich Niagara Escarpment benchlands. Adam describes his approach to winemaking as non-interventionist. “It is almost cliché that all wines begin in the vineyard, but without hesitation, this is my motto, my starting point,” Adam admits. “More than anything, I am dedicated to drawing on our unique soil composition, terroir, and great location in the Niagara River appellation. The Peninsula is indeed a small but great world wine region.”

This humble vineyard has received accolades for several of their wines including their flagship red, the 2013 Stone Eagle. A worthy addition to any collector’s cellar, the concentrated dark fruit and creamy texture are a decadent complement to a well-aged and well-marbled ribeye. Another noteworthy libation is their most popular premium blend, the 2013 Eleventh Post, named after a special place in the estate vineyard. This elegant vintage is a complex blend that pairs beautifully with a range of dishes, from an artisanal cheese platter to red pasta sauce mains. A more recent favorite is the vineyard’s first-ever 2016 Blanc De Franc, a unique and exciting sparkling wine produced using the traditional champagne method and named “Best Sparkling Wine in Canada” during its inaugural release.

The sisters describe the estate’s atmosphere as elegant, authentic, and welcoming – the perfect place to celebrate life’s little moments and special occasions. “Our estate is perfect for smaller, intimate, or exclusive events,” explains Melissa, the winery’s Chief Marketing and Sales Director. “The barrel cellar, in particular, is a perfect backdrop for creating unforgettable memories.” Kitchen76, their on-site restaurant, offers a decadent culinary experience reminiscent of a meal in Italy that Melissa boasts, “will exceed any expectation.” Chef Christine Mast works intimately with the team to ensure the menu is reflective of, and inspired by, the family’s Italian heritage and as a result, the restaurant has been recognized on OpenTable’s list of top 100 restaurants in Canada for the past four years.

“More than anything, I am dedicated to drawing on our unique soil composition, terroir, and great location in the Niagara River appellation. The Peninsula is indeed a small but great world wine region.”

– Adam Pearce, Winemaker

Two Sisters Vineyards

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