Indulge and Cocoon Your Skin…with a new generation of cleansers

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Time out!… For a few minutes, be selfish and enjoy it! As most of us perceive cleansing as a boring routine, Swiss anti-aging cosmetics expert Valmont has developed a range of audacious, exquisite and decadent cleansers called Purity, whose skin benefits compete with the pleasure they bring. A wealth of textures conceived by Sophie Guillon, CEO of Valmont.

Sophie has created cosmetic wonders for the past 20 years… in Switzerland, where natural ingredients, cutting-edge innovation and high ethics pace a long cosmetics tradition. Acknowledged as an anti-aging authority, the brand relentlessly works to help us age… as gracefully as possible, with highly active formulas and ingredients promoting cell renewal, such as DNA.


Valmont Cosmetics - MarQuee Magazine Special Feature - Advertising Partner - Sponsored ContentNowadays, Sophie wants to take the cosmetics sensory experience to an unprecedented level… and breaks cleansing paradigms with a collection of seven makeup removers, meant to eliminate impurities and pigments, but also wash away our accumulated stress, tribulations or concerns. A sort of cheerful interlude dedicated to our beauty!

Hence the range promotes a wealth of textures, from the jovial freshness explosion of the Icy Falls jelly, to the sensual and voluptuous cream-to-oil transformative texture of Wonder Falls, or the dense and reassuring foam delivered by Bubble Falls. Purity also pays a tribune to timeless beauty icons… namely the rich cleansing milk Fluid Falls, and its best ally for ravishing glow known as an international reference, the Vital Falls tonic. Intense eye makeup fades away with a single use of Bi-Falls, while light makeup disappears with Aqua Falls.

To perfect skin sublimation, the collection also integrates a Face Exfoliant and its quartz particles, while perfect purity is delivered by the emblematic and preserved formula of Purifying Pack.


Valmont Cosmetics - MarQuee Magazine Special Feature - Advertising Partner - Sponsored ContentAt the heart of the formula lie the benevolent virtues of Glacial Spring Water, an ideal blend of natural water and minerals harvested in the Swiss Alps, combined to the balancing benefits of pre and probiotics… selected for their potency to stimulate a healthy microbiota i.e. be kind to the gentle bacteria responsible for beautiful skin! Manipulated by the expert hands of Valmont professional estheticians across brand’s SPA network across North America, the products give their best during the dedicated “Purity of the Alps” facial… a genuine revival of the face in 12 steps. At home or at the SPA, for 6 or 60 minutes… Purity offers positive and delightful vibes. My advice: take them!

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